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jedi_knerds's Journal

Jedi Knerds: Star Wars Fans beyond any hope
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Jedi Knerds are the highest pinnacle (or deepest valley depending on your point of view) of Star Wars fandom.

A Jedi Knerd has never lost at Star Wars trivial pursuit -- even playing with a handicap.

A Jedi Knerd can sit through the 1978 Star Wars Holidy special -- several times, and shows it to friends.

A Jedi Knerd knows what the userpic is instantly -- and wants one.

A Jedi Knerd likes the Special Editions, not more or less than other versions, but just because it is MORE Star Wars -- along with all the other cuts and sound mixes that came before the Special Editions.

A Jedi Knerd has read Joseph Campbell, and watched Akira Kurosawa -- and not JUST because they were influences on Uncle George.

If you meet any one of these criteria, you are welcome to join. Heck, you are welcome to join even if you DON'T.

The Jedi Knerd Code

(It's not so much a law, as it is guidelines for Knerd behaivior)

All the Star Wars films were PG. A Jedi Knerd will keep their posts at the same rating.
A Jedi Knerd uses cuts to hide spoilers.
A Jedi Knerd knows that wild speculation (e.g. "Palpatine is Anakins father") is NOT a spoiler.
A Jedi Knerd does not Lucas-Bash (except in the case of Greedo shooting first, and equally egregious offenses.)
A Jedi Knerd knows that Jar-Jar is not as bad as Greedo shooting first.
A Jedi Knerd does not flame in anger, but only in defense. Flames will happen time to time, but please cook your opponant no further than "medium rare".
A Jedi Knerd is to post things so obscure that other fine Star Wars communities would probably laugh at them.
A Jedi Knerd knows that quizzes belong in their own journal.
If an exceptionaly cool quiz IS posted to the community, and a Jedi Knerd wants to share their results, the Jedi Knerd will post the results as a reply to the original post and not make a seperate entry.
A Jedi Knerd does not think other fandoms suck simply because they are not Star Wars
When a Jedi Knerd promotes another community, a link to jedi_knerds will appear in the promoted community's userinfo

A Jedi Knerd will post large images behind a cut.
A Jedi Knerd will not bitch when people forget to use lj-cuts.
A Jedi Knerd will know about the "use image placeholders" option in their userinfo.

When a Jedi Knerd posts icons, they will post one "teaser" and the rest under a cut.

When a Jedi Knerd posts excellent icons, they will be added to the memories, and the Jedi Knerd will earn the award "Knerd Icon Creator" (KIC) and be allowed to use the accolade in their posts, and a link will be created on the info page.

jedi_knerds has awards. These awards are given out from time to time for excellence in the community.

Order of Ashla Recipients:

goldenmoonrose, OOA For her entry "Oh no. Not good." A Mini Essay on the Tragic Fall of Obi-Wan Kenobi (awarded March 2, 2005)

sparkythegeek, OOA For her entries The Jedi Code and More fun food for thought.
A special accomodation for these entries for applying lessons in Star Wars to our everyday lives. (awarded belatedly April 21, 2005)

nemisisusa, OOA for her entry Midnight Showing where she expressed the true nature of being a Star Wars is not doing what is expected of a fan, but simply loving Star Wars. (awarded May 6, 2005)

nemisisusa, OOA, OOA for her entry Tara's Star Wars Episode III Survival Kit (awarded June 11, 2005)

davidschloss, OOA for his post Darth wha? Shut your mouth. for its fun nature, and being easy to play along with. (special unscheduled award, given June 11, 2005)

goldenmoonrose OOA, OOA for her entry Star Wars moment of the day: Graduation (awarded July 7, 2005)

ladyshanaeOOA for her entry Star Wars Life Lessons (awarded July 7, 2005)

Jedi Knerds Contest 1

Awarded to goldenmoonrose, OOA, JKCW for Her Entry on Star Wars as Myth

Knerd Icon Creators
The Following Jedi Knerds have thier Icons preserved in Our Archives:

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